11 ian. 2009

105 balls

I've made 105 felt balls in 17 colors today :D
Over 6 hours of work, my back and arms hurts, my hands look like my grammy's :P , but i love to see the result.

6 comentarii:

  1. Stefa da la ce 105? Tocmai 105? E firul povestii mai jos oare?

  2. I had to follow you once I saw the extreme dedication in your hands! Nice job!

  3. Thanks for the support :D
    I will show you the final results, as soon as i finish something :).

    105 is just a number, nothig intended ;), that's what i could make in abot 6 1/2 Hours

  4. felicitari! sunt superbe mai ales culoriile ..le si vad sireag..