21 ian. 2009

Spermatozoizi si fantome de vanzare :)

Mini agatatoare in forma de spermatozoizi si fantome care stralucesc in intuneric. Sunt din fimo, au cam 5cm lungime si 1 cm latime, dar din pacate unii spermatozoizi s-au cam ars(au o culoare maro deschis pe burta, se vede in ultima poza) :( asa ca ii vand la super pret de 2 lei bucata, fantomele sunt la 4 lei.

4 comentarii:

  1. Try soaking your burnt pieces in bleach. They may become white again!

    Very cute little characters!

  2. thanks a lot for the tip :)

    How do you manage to not have lint on your fimo?? that's my bigest problem at light colored fimo, they get dirty while i am working.

  3. You can usually get your lentil beads clean again by sanding them after baking.